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April 16, 2019

5 of the Best Instagram Trends from Coachella 2019

Dubbed “the Super Bowl of Instagram advertising”, Coachella is a melting pot of experiential marketing, exclusive parties, and branded events that everyone wants to be part of...

Each year, thousands descend upon Indio, California to attend Coachella — a place where creativity and music merge with influencer marketing and Instagram showreels.

This year, we’re seeing some great marketing trends pop up on Instagram from Coachella’s sponsors, brand party hosts, influencers and attendees alike. And we’re certain they’re going to pave the way for Instagram trends for the rest of this year.

Why Brands Want to be Seen at Coachella

Almost 100,000 people walk through the gates of Coachella each day of the festival. And a huge portion of those attendees fit nicely within the millennial age bracket, with a higher than average spending power.

In fact, Time Magazine estimates that a typical Coachella festival-goer will spend anywhere from $627 on the low end to $2,347 or more if you’re flying in, to attend the festival.

And with a reputation of being ‘the place to be seen’ as the festival season kicks off, Coachella ticket holders are more than happy to share their experience online — at the time of publishing this post, there are 4.4 million posts on Instagram tagged with #coachella.

And that’s not even accounting for the multiple branded hashtags event sponsors and brands have used in the pasts. For example, Amex asked their brand ambassadors to use the #AmexLife hashtag to spread awareness about the exclusive perks available to American Express members during the festival in 2018.

It’s reported that American Express reached an audience of nearly 15.3 million and gained nearly 140,000 likes and over 400 comments across the campaign.

That’s a whole lot of potential customers and spokespeople for your brand or businesses. Plus, it’s worth noting that marketing your brand at Coachella, is not just marketing to the people who walk through the festival gates.

With Instagram marketing at Coachella, you’re able to reach out to an audience that physically can’t be there, but want to enjoy living out the experience through social media — by creating compelling Instagram content during the event, you’re able to convincingly market, and sell your product by tapping into a physically absent, but highly engaged audience!

A presence at Coachella, whether that’s being an event sponsor, hosting exclusive influencer parties, or launching Coachella-based product lines, is a golden ticket opportunity for brand exposure and activation. Even Instagram, for the first time ever, wanted to have a physical presence at Coachella this year!

But true to Coachella’s artistic roots, brands are consistently evolving and getting more and more creative with how they engage with festival goers, influencers and Instagram followers. Of course, not every brand can afford a highly coveted spot at Coachella, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from their exclusive events and activation efforts!

We’re rounding up our favorite Coachella trends from 2019, and pinning them to our mood board for future collaborations, events, and social inspiration!

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