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February 6, 2018

Advertisers can soon slide three images inside Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is gaining expanded advertising that allows businesses to use up to three ad pieces together rather than one. On Thursday, February 1, Instagram announced that carousel ads are moving to Stories.

Instagram Stories ads previously only allowed businesses to slip in one image as the photos and videos from friends play on that short loop. With carousel ads, businesses can now add up to three images or videos inside Stories. The change, Instagram says, allows businesses to add more depth, like Gap’s new add that shows two video clips before a third image that invites viewers to shop with a simple swipe up.


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Like original content inside of Stories, users can still tap through ads along with swiping back and forth, so for Instagram users that find the Stories ads annoying, there is just more to tap through before seeing the rest of the Stories. Businesses can also add some of the same effects to their campaign that users have access to, including stickers and drawing tools.

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