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May 15, 2018

Aldo updates app to streamline trying on shoes in store

Aldo Shoes updated its mobile app with an in-store feature that lets customers scan a shoe's bar code to request a size. Express Try-On hands off a customer's request to a salesperson who retrieves the shoe
and brings it to the customer.

Shoppers must have location services and Bluetooth enabled to be able to take advantage of Express Try-On. The app was updated late last year to improve bar code scanning. Aldo previously launched a system that notified shoppers entering stores to open the Aldo app on their smartphones. The app shows product images and descriptions, and lets people scan products for more information. The app also lets people share images on social media and a “wish list” feature to help find styles in the store or other options, per Marketing magazine.

While a number of retailers are testing out in-store technologies that supplement the shopping experience with mobile technology, what makes Aldo’s Express Try-On interesting is how it links scanning a bar code to location services and bluetooth to enhance customer service. The Express Try-on is the latest development for a company that has tried out various in-store technologies. Several years ago, Aldo trialed an “endless shelf” technology that put iPads in the hands of store employees to help show customers what to wear with its shoes, per Marketing Week.

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