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April 20, 2020

Angona launches Penolope Stories

#AgnonaPenelopeStories has launched, showing the strength and beauty there can be in the act of waiting...

Agnona is choosing to keep its customers company, sharing a message of hope and positivity through the sophisticated, elegant way of doing things that distinguishes the brand. The idea for Penelope Stories came from an ancient tale whose message still rings true today. Penelope, the wife of Odysseus who confidently awaits her husband’s return as she tirelessly weaves on her loom, has inspired a series of videos that will be published on Agnona’s social media channels. Each video will tell a tale that interprets the concepts of hope, expectation, courage and patience by referring to Homer’s heroine and symbol of patient faith in a better tomorrow.

Penelope is the embodiment of tenacity, of a life lived while focusing on the possibilities of the future, thanks to love and hope. Penelope makes waiting her raison d’être, pouring her dreams into her canvas, weaving with the perseverance of someone who never gives up hope, no matter what happens, despite the passing of time. Agnona has chosen to convey this poetic message of love and resilience to help all of us think positively about today and tomorrow in particular, during days that seem suspended in time.

Talent from the entire Agnona community has contributed to the project, from young Italian actress Greta Ferro to top model Sara Blomqvist and Cypriot jewellery designer Ivi Kyratzi. Their creative gifts will be revealed each day on the Agnona Instagram account. They will each make a personal contribution to recounting what it means to await something, defined by their personal viewpoints and preferred storytelling methods: creative poetry, illustration, a reading from the Odyssey, a dive into their personal photographs or material archives, and even sculpting clay or knitting.

Agnona: Penelope Stories are now available to see daily on the brand’s instagram account @agnonaofficial