Brand Development

Owned: Platforms

Whether a brand journal, store window or e-commerce email, owned platforms play an important role in defining a brand’s voice and building loyalty.
ModusBPCM approaches each space as a valuable piece of real estate and work with clients to help maximise their potential.

Our creative technologists handle website design, build and content, and our retail experts ensure all online and offline activations drive measurable results.

Paid: On & Offline

From high street to luxury, we work hand-in-hand with clients to allocate spend where it’s most effective.
ModusBPCM manage the strategy, planning and negotiation for digital, print, out of home and broadcast bought media. Each campaign is integrated with wider activity to optimise budgets and fulfill campaign objectives.

ModusBPCM London & Los Angeles offices’ combine expertise to manage partnerships with international talent from actors and models, bloggers to vloggers, artists to adventurers, engaging fresh audiences and creating versatile brand content.

Shared: Social

Modern life is all about sharing. Whether it’s live streaming from the runway, teasing a launch, making your community feel loved, breaking a news story or gathering feedback: social media makes it instant.
Our team of digital natives across the US & UK, live and breathe social and instinctively understand how to tailor brand messages for each platform – from content strategy, creation, planning and scheduling to community management and analytical insight.

Earned: PR

Media relations, reputation management and showroom is second nature.
Our long-standing relationships are based on trust and give us access to the people we need to speak to on clients’ behalf, while our insight-led approach ensures we work with them at the right moment in time.

We know how to maximise content, generate buzz and drive commerce, always striving to enhance organic search results and website visibility.

Case Studies