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February 7, 2018

Calvin Klein Just Put Andy Warhol’s Kissing Couples On Its Underwear

Since the collaboration between Calvin Klein and the Andy Warhol Foundation was announced last year, designer Raf Simons has showcased some of the lesser-known works of the artist,
as part of both runway collections and a number of the brand’s campaigns.

The latest unseen image to be unearthed from the archive is one of Warhol’s earliest – and not to mention most provocative – cinematic explorations, with still images from his 1963 film Kiss printed on a capsule collection of underwear. The intimate moments between couples of both the same and opposite gender were captured for three-and-a-half minutes by Warhol, who, in a groundbreaking move, ignored completely the three second rule that Hollywood enforced at the time.


Image Credit: Calvin Klein 

The collection demonstrates the romantic and sensual side of Warhol’s work, contrasting the SS18 collection – which featured the artist’s darker works, including “Knives” and “The Electric Chair.” The partnership between the Foundation and the American label is said to last until 2020, meaning we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing plenty more unexpected and rare Warhol works pulled out of Simons’ sleeve in the coming seasons.

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