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May 17, 2018

G-Star RAW Introduces Renewed Denim 2.0 – The Brand’s Latest Sustainable Innovation

G-Star RAW proudly announces its latest sustainable innovation – Renewed Denim – the next level in eliminating waste, by creating high-value denim out of old recycled G-Star RAW jeans.

G-Star believes in the perpetual cycling of its materials and that all jeans deserve more than just 1 life. That’s why already in 2012, G-Star launched its pilot renewed denim project. Fast-forward to today, G-Star improved the aesthetics and technical limitations from the early days, presenting a 2.0 version of renewed denim garments. Made with upcycled yarns from recycled G-Star jeans, the denim garments have been collected, sorted and shredded to create a new fibre and yarns.

These were blended with just the right amount of organic cotton to ensure maximum fabric quality, versatility and further cyclability, thus creating a high-quality denim product with no added polyester, ready for cycling. By eliminating rivets and replacing the zippers with eco-finish metal buttons, G-Star has made these jeans 98% recyclable. The G-Star Renewed Denim collection features the Arc 3D tapered jean for men and the Midge High Boyfriend for women. It will be available in-store and online on May 15th, worldwide.