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May 2, 2018

G-Star RAW & Pharrell Williams Just Rethought Suits, Here’s How You Can Wear Them

High Snobiety breaks down Pharrell's new release from G-Star RAW.

Suits made a comeback last year after some of the biggest brands of the moment sent business casual looks down the runway leading to the rise of “officecore”. Now that the dust has settled, Pharrell Williams, Head of Imagination at G-Star RAW, introduces an all-new take on office attire with the G-Star RAW Suit Collection. Fashion’s relationship with tailoring is complicated. For some, a suit is an essential and strictly monitored uniform, it’s the last thing they’d want to wear on their day off. However, just a few years ago, much of the fashion crowd were dressing like they’d just stepped off the set of Boardwalk Empire (just look at this streetstyle roundup from Pitti Uomo less than four years ago).

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For many, this trend gave way to more casual ways of dressing. Streetwear favours more snug fits defined by hoodies, sweats, oversizing, cozy fabrics, and of course, sneakers. So when officewear reappeared last year, it was dressed down, the cuts and fits were different, and the styling had changed entirely — hence, business casual. Tailoring was, well, no longer traditionally tailored, and it was worn with joggers, chunky sneakers, graphic tees, ridiculously long belts, and any number of preposterous accessories.

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