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April 25, 2018

Instagram Adds New Profile to Showcase Design and Creativity on the Platform

Last week, Instagram launched a new profile called @design which will showcase the work of Instagram’s design team, as well as that of emerging artists

“On @design, we’ll go behind the scenes with emerging designers and creators at home, in their studios, and at global festivals to learn about their craft. We’ll also explore our creative process at Instagram – from how we define problems, to our prototyping tools, to AR simulations, to weekly team critiques, and more.”

The profile could help users get a better understanding of Instagram’s internal design processes, while also showcasing new, creative ideas, which may help provide inspiration for your own work. It’s an interesting move from Instagram considering they also recently disbanded their global community team, which has seen content on the official Instagram blog come to a standstill.

Reports suggested that the community team, which had been responsible for building engagement with fans, was dissolved in favor of a more business-aligned focus over community under the management of Facebook.

Indeed, speculation indicated that Instagram’s move to an algorithm-defined feed lead to tensions between the community team and the company, with community team members calling for an option to return to chronological listings. Also interesting – Instagram recently softened their approach on their algorithm by announcing that newer posts would see more precedence, somewhat conceding that the community team, if those reports are correct, may have been right.

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