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July 13, 2021

Instagram Creates VR Try-On Feature for Shopping

Instagram comes up with a solution for online shoppers who want to test...

Due to the pandemic, online shopping has become increasingly popular, yet consumers still lack the ability to test out cosmetic products as they used to in person. Fashion Network explains how social media companies like Instagram are adapting to create a better online shopping experience…

Testing makeup, textures and shades in particular, is becoming a must to ensure that customers end up with products that suit them. Virtual try-ons have, therefore, become essential for beauty industry players who now want to focus on digital, whether on their own e-commerce platforms or on social networks.


“AR Try-On is an exciting new foray within Facebook that’s already helping people shop online with more confidence. Through this new integration with L’Oréal, shoppers can expect a more personal shopping experience from even more of the brands they love, right where they’re already finding beauty inspiration: on Instagram,” outlined Sue Young, Head of Spark AR at Facebook.

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