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January 15, 2020

Katie Grand Names Ben Cobb Co-Editor-in-Chief of LOVE

The former Another Man EIC will join the Condé Nast title to lead menswear coverage...

Katie Grand’s presence at the men’s shows in Milan over the past few days sparked conjecture among the more astute — or paranoid — of her front-row peers. Was the super-stylist/editor thinking about launching a men’s magazine? Well, no. She has her hands full with LOVE. So full, in fact, that she has brought on board a collaborator to share her editorial load, while potentially doubling the reach of her 10-year-old baby. And, coincidentally, he’s also fresh from a 10-year anniversary.

Ben Cobb left Another Man in October after a decade at the magazine. At LOVE, he will share the masthead with Grand as Editor-in-Chief (Men). The mere thought of this twosome in editorial tandem is tantalising to anyone who knows their magazine work. Grand’s LOVE has long been a vibetastic playhouse of willful, wayward womanhood. “St Trinians,” says Cobb with a filthy laugh. Under his direction, Another Man was a sensual slow dive into pop culture’s darkest undercurrents. “Just weird,” says Grand, no filthy laugh. The very idea of these two strands woven together under the same cover is provocative to a fault.

The seeds were sown during the talk show that Grand, her husband Steve Mackey and his business partner Douglas Hart (who produce together as Call This Number) conceptualised for LOVE during the summer. Ben Cobb played the unflappable host, confronted by guest Rami Malek as a self-absorbed auteur. The whole thing was fun for everyone. It also clocked an impressive 18 million views on LOVE’s Youtube channel.

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