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July 3, 2020

ModusBPCM Meets: Safe House

We sit down with Safe House Founder Bisola Popoola to discuss the organisation that aims to educate, entertain and elevate hearts...


We talked with former Modus employee and Safe House Founder, Bisola Popoola about the incredible organisation, how it started, its aim to help young individuals- particularly from underprivileged backgrounds- experiencing and dealing with life minatory issues and how we can get involved…

What is Safe House? 

Safe House is an organisation that aims to educate, entertain, and elevate the hearts and mind-sets of young people, particularly males; and those that are underprivileged, who deal with a series of educational failure, family destruction, financial deficiency, mental-health illnesses, unemployment and violence in London – in safe and inspirational environments, that we cultivate.

Our team’s objective is to change perceptions of what success looks like with positive, real-life and  relatable examples through multi-dimensional events, workshops and sessions. We bring young people to multiple safe destinations for a day of difference, knowing they will all walk away wanting to spark change for their own futures. Young people in attendance have the opportunity to expand and develop their relationships and expertise in various divisions tailored to each project.

With the right access and information, we can make a generational shift to make leaders of the future rather than those becoming a product of their environments.

How did it get started?

For about 4 years, aside from my career in the fashion/music industry, I have worked as a Youth-Leader in my Church, in Hackney. (All Souls has been one of my personal Safe Houses for as long as I can remember). It was the summer of 2018, I remember re-grouping with the young people and one of our boys had just turned 16, he was interested in modelling and I told him I’d see what I could do for him. Then, as he carried on speaking, he mentioned that his friends had started dabbling into things that they shouldn’t be, but felt like they had to, due to particular circumstances. It’s like a premeditated intervention where childhood innocence is robbed and replaced with ‘adult responsibilities’. I grew up around a lot of males and the majority of them, shared similar experiences to this. I remember looking at my little brother, who was also involved in the chat and thought, this cycle has got to stop or change, somehow.


The next morning I woke up and started speaking to someone about it and that was the birth of Safe House. I initially thought it would be a one-off, awareness event as youth violence was very prominent in mainstream media, at the time. After thinking about it more deeply, I decided I wanted to refocus the narrative and bring my community together, highlighting the incredible talent we have in the ends’, using the experiences I was fortunate to have, to create positive events in safe environments for young people and families.
Safe House is heavily inspired by my upbringing, teenage-life in my area and my Dad, who has always prided himself on putting others’ first, whether it be my family here, or in Nigeria or, for my friends who he is like a ‘father/uncle’ figure. Humility and empathy can be very hard to find in the world we live in and at the end of the day, the youth are our future and I truly feel this is part of my life’s purpose.
How can people get involved?
Our website is in the works and will be launching it in July. In the meantime, we have created a GoFundMe page. The donations will help support the scope and reach of our projects, helping with materials, as well as spaces; once lockdown has eased some more and we can bring people together again.  We do have at least three events confirmed between now and the end of 2020, including our annual Christmas Present Drive, which we will share more news about via our socials and website (once it is up and running). 
There are a few areas our team need support in, such as Charity Commission advice/consultancy and future fundraising so please contact us here if you can help in any way:
Please help us spread the word about Safe House, in your own communities, whether it be by word of mouth in work and social spaces or social media! You can see some of the highlights from their previous events on their Instagram and Facebook. They have some amazing community projects and collaborations coming up so please stay tuned and they thank you in advance for all of your support.