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July 1, 2019

Prada Educates Consumers on Upcycling in Docuseries

Prada takes an inventive approach to upcycling...

Italian fashion label Prada is introducing a brand new collection of nylon bags made entirely out of synthetic fabric, created by recycling ocean plastic, fishing nets and textile fibre waste. Not only this but Prada has announced that it plans on using only nylon that has been recycled by 2021, becoming an active participant in finding sustainable approaches to luxury apparel and accessories.

In addition to launching a new sustainable line, Prada is sharing a a video series, “What We Carry,” in collaboration with National Geographic. In the series, ‘Enonyl,’ is introduced as a new type of nylon fabric developed with textile yarn producer, Aquafil. Econyl is used to make the totes, belt bags, shoulder bags and backpacks in Prada’s new Re-Nylon line.

Carrie Phillips, partner at BPCM, New York, said, “What I love about the Prada project is that they are being authentically Prada. The brand has a history with nylon from Miuccia Prada’s very first must have bags in the late ’90s.

“This project uses sustainable materials but at the same time looks and feels like Prada. This is a great example to other brands that the best way to own your space in sustainability is to do something that resonates with your brand and conveys authenticity to your consumers.”

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