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January 31, 2019

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring Summer 19 Campaign

The Nomadic world, movement and travel, were the starting point for this collection

The spirit of a Nomadic lifestyle, the desire to escape the normal, how we are all searching for our place in the world and trying to fit in or stand out. Communities who choose to live outside the constraints of regular life inspired this collection, from Gypsies to Nomads and the Polaroid kids of America. Their individuality, their beliefs, traditions and superstitions, the fortune telling and palm reading, all gave a tough romance to this collection.

With exaggerated sleeves representative of the cloth over the fortune-teller table and gypsy laces, nomadic wraps and ties of clashing of prints, Romany harlequins and handcrafted tan leather boots.
This is a collection designed for the modern transient life style we lead, styles that fit into a woman’s wardrobe without effort, and some that give her pure joy.