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April 1, 2019

Riccardo Sciutto, CEO Of Sergio Rossi Discusses His Newly Launched London Boutique with Forbes

Think Sergio Rossi, think sexy feminine shoes, and even though the house brought on board a new
CEO in the form of Riccardo Sciutto their signature sassiness remains...

Sciutto was appointed CEO in 2016 due to his impressive business acumen, insights and expertise from his successful and diverse business career, which notably included his position as General Manager of Hogan (Tod’s Group). And so, with his legs and fashionable feet under the table, he set about a rebrand for the contemporary consumer. And this where the London store comes into play; the recently launched flagship store on Mount Street is a visual representation of the Sciutto rebrand (it’s the first store in the city to have opened since he joined).

Located on the very elegant Mount Street (neighbors include Celine, Simone Rocha, Christopher Kane, Balenciaga), the space offers 100 square meters of retail which both pays homage to the Rossi heritage but also moves it forward in line with the contemporary shopper.

The architect behind the concept was Marco Costanzi and chic furniture was specially produced by interior designer Cristina Celestino. The brief? Well, it was to bring the Sergio Rossi collections to life spotlighting them as pieces of art and objects of desire worth admiring. The home-come-boutique concept sets the scene via touches such as a dressing table (there’s a parallel with the mirror in their atelier) and the dual purpose tables which act as coffee tables and stands. Carpets and wall interiors create a Milan-inspired backdrop, with a muted color palette of nude and chalk hues that sit alongside pine and pale green shades.

The store stocks both classic and seasonal lines, as well as your very own, “Your Own Sergio Rossi” space where customers can create and order bespoke shoes. Additionally, good news for the boys, this boutique will be the first to carry a menswear capsule.

Felicity Carter: What was your first memory of fashion?

Riccardo Sciutto: My grandmother owned a clothing store, my father produced apparel and as a kid, I remember running around his company! I got my first start working with them during the summer before starting University. They expected to have me on board on the family business but I decided to experience and build my own path, but I owe them so much for that first glimpse into the fashion business.

FC: What are the cornerstones of Sergio Rossi?

RS: With an iconic name like Sergio Rossi the focus needs to be on the product and its incredible craftsmanship and unparalleled quality for a feminine, modern woman.


I always point out the fact that we can manufacture shoes in our own factory. That’s a very important advantage which is also part of our heritage and tradition as well as the key to our innovative distribution where every month we deliver new items to our stores to keep the clients engaged.

Sergio Rossi was so innovative in his time that it’s crucial today stay focused on the authentic identity of the brand with a modern twist. Responding to the needs of the modern woman of today who is confident enough to never take herself too seriously but also wants shoes she can live her life in.

FC: Describe the brand’s aesthetic, and how it’s evolving…

RS: Sergio Rossi has an outstanding history of more than 60 years. We really wanted to go back to the true DNA of the brand and look to the incredible decade that was the 90s to create a collection a woman could wear from day to night, with lower heels and flats at its heart.

Today women are so dynamic in their everyday life that it doesn’t make sense to focus on a very high heel which is sensual but mostly wearable only on special occasions. The shoe is the most unique item in our wardrobe because we live our lives in it, so it is key to keep pushing to create an offer that property responds to a woman needs. And desires.

FC: Who is your customer? And has the demographic changed since the rebrand?

RS: It is undeniable that since the relaunch we have extended our reach with a modern product that the younger generations desire but today everyone is looking for emotion. This is the key and the only way to stay truly relevant by making feel our costumer part of something greater that moves them emotionally. Regardless of her age.

The challenge we face is gain and maintain our strength in the daywear part of the market, creating a desire for our product amongst Millennials as well as loyal clients of the past, building an omnichannel retail experience for our customers and offer a 360°experience. It’s crucial to move and react quickly today or you will be left behind.

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