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October 18, 2019

Sergio Rossi Celebrates Sergio Extreme Launch With London Store Party

Henri Bergman and Festibel hosted a night in celebration of the new Sergio Extreme range...

On Wednesday the 9th of October we celebrated the launch of Sergio Rossi’s new Sergio Extreme range with Henri Bergman, Festibel and freinds! The two girls hosted a night at the London Mount Street store, with Henri even hitting the decks for a funky set mid-way through the evening.

The party was to celebrate the new Sergio Extreme collection: a range where Sportswear style meets a contemporary feel with chunky lace-up sneakers that come with a leather and ocelot print pairing in multiple colours and styles, complete in a  innovative design.

To find out more information on the range and purchase visit the Sergio Rossi website here