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May 14, 2020

The Right Way to use Influencer Marketing During Covid-19

Vogue Business’s Kati Chitrakorn and leading influencer agent, Jennifer Powell discuss...

We joined Vogue Business’s Kati Chitrakorn and leading influencer agent, Jennifer Powell, for a discussion on:

– To what extent has the coronavirus impacted the influencer marketing industry?
– Major retailers’ affiliate marketing programmes are first to have been paused. Could the coronavirus kill influencer culture?
– What opportunities are there for fashion brands to work without traditional influencers? Looking ahead, what sustainable solutions or opportunities can be explored?

We’ve put together a summary of what they explored and discussed during the Q&A…

  • Marcomm’s is the most likely sector to be effected by the current pandemic – Digital is less likely to be impacted and effected by the pandemic. Influencers sit right in the middle of these two sectors.
  • 55% of UK are now delaying service launches and Marketing budget is largely under review.
  • A high percentage of big branded moments have been put on pause.
  • It is important and essential to figure out what is responsible and what brand tone should be established, whilst being sensitive to our current state.
  • It is imperative to acknowledge what is going on as a brand but pivoting from focussing on selling product – Who are their followers? What do they need at the moment?
  • Is micro or macro better at the moment? Macro influencers have proven to convert substantially more than mirco.
  • A wealth of advertising assets have been created with Avatars – they are a great alternative as there is no human contact and it is a sustainable way to create brand assets.
  • Authenticity MUST and HAS to be at the core of collaborations.
  • There has to be a familiar narrative that people can relate to. 
  • With models being grounded at home, digital technology provides a welcome solution to product photography.
  • We’ve seen an abundance of excess travel, business transactions, without a moment, or a breath to understand why we are doing things. We are experiencing a natural reset of intention, our need to connect with each other and the importance of it. 
  • We should focus on meaningful requirements of brand and influencer relationships – a reassessment of who you want to align your brands with.
  • There is an increase in media consumption and a decrease in advertising spend. Spending money here is going to push and drive businesses forward during this time.
  • There is a newfound social responsibility – a hub of resources, inspiration, entertainment and charitable aspects that are giving back to society and create goodwill.