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August 11, 2021

Walpole: The Future of British Luxury by Francois Souchet

Ahead of their very own Summit, Walpole spoke to Francois Souchet, our Global Head of Sustainability...

With carbon neutrality and climate action dominating the current headlines, Walpole starts their conversation about sustainability with our very own Francois Souchet, ahead of his role at their Future of Luxury Summit as a panel expert…

Why are you taking part in the Walpole Summit?

I look forward to learning from, and connecting with, experts driving positive impact in person!

Can you give us a couple of the key insights you will share during the event?

The transition to a more sustainable model does not only have to be about doing less and roadmaps to zero. It can be about doing more, and creating more opportunities, simply by changing the way we frame problems.

What do you see as the most important opportunities ahead for both your brand and the luxury sector?

Luxury is inherently connected to heritage, and craftsmanship. When you think about it, sustainability,

which is about ensuring that our planet remains a beautifully liveable place for future generations, is a very natural fit for luxury.

What do you see as the greatest challenges ahead for both your brand and the luxury sector?

For brands some of the challenges are to craft a sustainability story that is authentic and individual, and to find the solutions and partners that will help realise it.

Why are these events so important to you, your business and the sector as a whole?

Those events are critical because they help learn, be inspired, and connect. Those elements are key to continue driving progress as an industry.

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